Multi-Level Villa and Wellness Retreat, nestled at the base of Flagstaff Mountain

Welcome to this extraordinary multi-level wellness Villa, nestled at the base of famed Flagstaff Mountain. This haven boasts stunning south-facing patios with an outdoor kitchen and BBQ area, surrounded by natural landscaping to create the perfect escape.


Immerse yourself in health and wellness with unique features such as the BedJet dual Bed Cooler/Heater, Biomat infrared amethyst heat mat, and a range of relaxation elements including meditation pillows and a Platinum Led infra-red full-body red light therapy. Pamper yourself in the Master bath with the VEDANA chromo, aroma, light, acoustic, and heat therapy unit. Enjoy the warmth of three fireplaces and the inviting glow of a Solo Stove fire pit. Then bring the relaxation outside enjoying the sounds of Gregory creek while enjoying the epic Outdoor Sauna then experience the researched health benefits of the Cold Plunge.


Fitness enthusiasts will delight in the fully-equipped gym, lymphatic vibration plates, stretching bars, and a Brain tap set provide the ultimate options for our health-minded guests. Spiritual options include a full Tibetan Singing Bowl set for sound healing and a Tibetan Gong, rain drum, and bells. For modern-day entertainment, there are 3 smart TVs and an amplifier acoustic system.


Embark on outdoor adventures with trailheads for Flagstaff, Green Mountain, Saddle Rock, Amphitheater, Gregory Canyon, and Chautauqua trails within 100 yards. A short walk leads to Chautauqua dining hall, and the Colorado Music Festival, with year-round events. Alpine Modern cafe and restaurant are a 15-20 minute stroll, while Flagstaff House restaurant is a scenic 20-25 minute hike.


Experience the perfect fusion of luxury, wellness, and outdoor adventure at our Flagstaff Mountain villa – your haven for relaxation and exploration.

HHC’s Operations Staff and Guest Services professionals oversee your entire stay. Our team offers a robust guide to the City and we’re on the ground 24/7 if you need absolutely anything throughout your stay.

*Please note, according to the City of Boulder, the maximum occupancy is up to five unrelated occupants.

Featured Amenities

Wellness Retreat

Experience ultimate relaxation with a BedJet, Biomat, and meditation space in our wellness haven.

Outdoor Haven

Enjoy nature on south-facing patios, complete with a Solo Stove fire pit for cozy evenings.

Entertainment Hub

Three smart TVs, Apple TVs, and Tibetan Singing Bowls set the stage for a unique entertainment experience.

Fitness Oasis

Stay active with vibration plates, stretching bars, and an outdoor sauna for post-exercise bliss.

Adventure Central

Explore Flagstaff, Green Mountain, and Chautauqua trails, plus cycling routes and climbing spots.

Scenic Dining Gems

Walk to Alpine Modern cafe or hike to Flagstaff House for a diverse culinary journey.


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